I'm Jeremiah Taguta, a Full-Stack Software Engineer and Researcher with over 7 years of experience in Software Engineering. As an Associate Member of the Institute of IT Professionals South Africa, I have a deep passion for solving complex problems and pushing the boundaries of technology.

I am currently enrolled at the University of Western Cape, South Africa, for a PhD in Computer Science. My research is focused on applying Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), Internet of Things and Fog Computing in the cold chain. I am a holder of a Master of Commerce degree in Information Systems, BSc Honours degree in Computer Science from Great Zimbabwe University, Certificates in Introduction to Cybersecurity and Introduction to the Internet of Things from Cisco Networking Academy and a Certificate in Google Cloud from Google Developers. I thus bring a strong academic foundation to my work. I've had the privilege of developing software solutions that drive real-world impact for various industries, from policing and education to e-commerce and agriculture.

What sets me apart is my dedication to research, particularly in the realm of AI and IoT. I've been at the forefront of initiatives to reduce water and electricity bills, curb water loss, and enhance farming practices through technology. For instance, I was instrumental in the development of the Water, Food, Nexus Tool for calculating linkages between water, energy, and food to ensure that they are utilized efficiently, sustainably, and equitably, towards security of the strategic resources.

Beyond my technical prowess, I'm an educator, writer, and collaborative team player. I enjoy sharing knowledge, whether it's teaching programming languages, writing insightful articles or recording video tutorials on programming, software deployment, and development best practices.

I thrive in agile environments, ensuring software quality and adherence to industry standards. I'm known for my ability to communicate complex technical concepts effectively to diverse stakeholders.

I'm a highly qualified Full-Stack Software Engineer and Researcher, always eager to take on new challenges and opportunities. If you're searching for a dedicated professional to help bring your project to fruition, let's connect!

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